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Vibrant laboratory has developed a novel test for COVID-19. As of Monday, March 30, 2020, Covid-19 Antibody testing will be available by Dr. Rhea Rogers who has been designated as an authorized test-site physician for Vibrant labs in Wichita, KS.


This is the initiation of a clinical trial and as such has the following restrictions:

  • You must be a current client/patient of Dr. Rhea Rogers
  • You must have no symptoms: No fever, cough, upper respiratory symptoms. If you were sick in January or February, you are eligible for testing.


If you meet the above criteria, please call MISBIW at 316-252-8533.


The test measures the presence of antibodies in your blood which will measure any previous exposure or immunity. The cost of the test is $299.99 and it is NOT covered by insurance. Your insurance will not be billed nor will letters of necessity be given.


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