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Optimized Nutrition and Gut Health


DO YOU HAVE LEAKY GUT AND OTHER NUTRIONAL DEFICIENCIES –. Are you optimizing your health and immune system during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Gut and Nutrient testing with interpretation at 40% off for Cyber Monday.

Until November 30, 2020 Medical Innovative Solutions for Beauty, Intimacy & Wellness is offering a discount on a foundational bundle of lab testing with interpretation through Vibrant Wellness.  

This test bundle package and interpretation includes the Vibrant Wheat Zoomer and the Vibrant Whole Blood Nutrient Profile for $ 390.00  (that’s a savings of  $260!  –  40% discount). These two tests are simply foundational to health and optimal wellness? There is no better time to find out how to optimize your health during this Coronavirus pandemic. The testing is performed via a simple do-it-yourself fingerprick in the privacy of your home.

Gut Barrier Health

The Vibrant Wheat Zoomer is a remarkable test that goes far beyond just food sensitivity. This panel tests for celiac disease, leaky gut, gluten sensitivity, wheat sensitivity, gluten-mediated autoimmunity, and so much more!

This one test provides such a definitive answer to the questions ‘Is it really okay for me to eat wheat/gluten?’ ‘Could my chronic health problems be related to gluten or leaky gut?’ and ‘Do I have leaky gut?’

The Wheat Zoomer also takes a super detailed look at the gut barrier, both the cellular tight junctions and the intestinal cell structure, to tell exactly what component of the intestinal barrier is leaky, which really helps me as a provider to create the best treatments and interventions to heal your gut. 

Precision Optimized Nutrition

Measuring your levels of nutrients available to your body is critical to understanding what you may be missing from your diet, what nutrients may be impacted by your genetics, and what nutrients may be affected by illness, health problems, or other conditions.

And when we look at both micronutrients and the gut barrier together, we can get a better idea of what nutrients may be impacted by malabsorption due to inflammation in the gut.

No matter how well we eat, none of us are perfect, and I find that micronutrient testing is really the only way to know for sure what you are missing. 

Vibrant’s innovative Whole Blood Nutrient Profile can be collected with one simple fingerprick collection and measures 36 different key nutrients that I can use to customize your nutrition even further, and help you reach optimal health.


If you are interested in this special package at this incredible price, please reply to this email or contact the office at:

Medical Innovative Solutions – email You will be contacted Monday, November 30, 2020 to finalize your order or you may call on Monday, November 30, 2020 to finalize your order.

This deal is only good til Monday, November 30, 2020,  so don’t hesitate to get on the path to optimizing your health today!

All procedures are performed by our board-certified physicians or trained staff.

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