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Juliet Laser

Juliet Laser

Sexual Medicine


The Juliet Laser is a fast, painless, and hormone-free laser treatment for gynecological health.  This gentle solution helps rejuvenate your femininity with no downtime or need of anesthesia.

As a woman ages, so does her vaginal tissue.  This can strongly affect the quality of life for a woman physically, psychologically, and sexually.  These changes can put undue strain on a woman’s relationship with her partner.  If you suffer from poor vaginal lubrication, loss of vaginal tightness or even pain during intercourse, the Juliet Laser can help.  These symptoms are quite common in women of different ages and tend to worsen over time if not treated.

The Juliet Laser can be individually tuned to “turn back the clock” on feminine aging.  Women report their symptoms are improved after the first treatment.  Elasticity and lubrication are restored, while bladder symptoms, such as leaking, are improved.  Sexual intercourse becomes comfortable and enjoyable again.  Results will continue to improve in the months that follow.

For some patients, best results are achieved with 2-3 sessions. This procedure can be combined with an O-shot with or without stem cells. When this is done, it is called a LEO (laser enhanced O-shot) which may result in less sessions  and heightened results.

All procedures are performed by our board-certified physicians or trained staff.

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Juliet Laser

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