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Threads are a minimally invasive procedure of the face, neck or jowls. They fully dissolve over 3-6 months and work by building collage utilizing the patient’s own collagen. The skin becomes elastic & improved in appearance.  The tissue changes monthly due to new collagen formation around the threads.  Each person has his/her own production of collagen synthesis.  Maximal production of collagen is seen at 3-6 months.  Depending on your desired effect, you may choose between lifting threads, smoothing threads or a combination. Click below to see which option is best for you.

Lifting Threads : Lifting threads are your nonsurgical facelift alternative.  They instantly lift loose skin on face, neck and body with minimal downtime.  The areas most greatly affected are the eyebrows, skin around the eyes, cheeks, jowls and neck. May also be used in conjunction with smoothing threads.

Smoothing Threads : Smoothing threads are used for skin tightening by improving and stimulating collagen formation around the thread.  These can be used preventatively or therapeutically.  Smoothing threads have a great effect on volumizing sunken areas of the skin. They may be used everywhere, specifically on neck lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, forehead, under eyes and for brow lifts.  We at MISBIW offer 3 types of threads depending on your personal needs.

All procedures are performed by board-certified physicians or trained staff.

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Call 316-252-8533 to book your next appointment with Dr. Rhea Rogers or Dr. Thalia Lopez.

Book Your Body Contouring Treatment Now

Call 316-252-8533 to book your next appointment with Dr. Rhea Rogers or Dr. Thalia Lopez.

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